Often weaving cinematic, sweeping arrangements into their songs, Josh Auer and Jerad Atherton have brought forth the anthemic indie project CHPTRS.

At Dawn

We Were Made For This


The Light The Heat

The Light The Heat’s atmospheric pop anthems are as instrumental intricate as they are emotional moving, led by the talents of Nathan Horst, Jesse Proctor, and Benjamin Dunn.

Sun Paints the Sea

Home to You

Secret Nation

Music made to be the soundtrack to your life. Through the highs and the lows, the music is right there with you. Subtle hints of hope and love, with powerful builds, and raw emotion. Secret Nation has created something that is fresh to the ears that it keeps you wanting more. With years of experience in cinema, the band has specifically created music to enhance visual story telling. They hail from no other than Nashville, Tennessee.


I See You

Love You Well



Featuring cinematic mending of beautifully epic tracks and prolific lyrics, Sailor will ignite your inner-wanderer and make you want to leave the shore and set sail for the great unknown.



Tyler Brown Williams

Tyler Williams is a singer/songwriter from Dallas, TX whose lyrics stem from a range of personal experiences and dreams. Warm vocals over soft guitars and percussion allows all listeners to sit back and enjoy these calming tracks.

Never Stop

Do It All Again


Tribal Blood

Tribal Blood’s soaring vocals and massive drums evoke a sound that’s equal parts powerful and brooding — an epic, cinematic vision of alt-rock.


Ely Eira

From the bands Violet Days and GRIZFOLK comes a unique and powerful new project that leans heavily into the Nordic roots of its members; Chris and Lina, together with brothers Fredrik and Kris, who have created a rare, empowering sound that’s not only beautifully strange but also uncommonly inspirational.

This Is The Beginning